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IPD Has A New Professional Development Platform  
Angela Cordova, MCCEA IPD Chair
In the Spring Covid-19 circumstances, prompted the change from in-person to virtual professional development webinars, beginning with the NJEA Microsite. Similar to our school districts the NJEA Professional Development Division quickly adapted various topics  to virtual workshops, and throughout the summer months continued the planning process to create a calendar of useful, relevant workshops and sessions for our members.  This Fall, NJEA Learning, is presenting a rotating schedule that will afford all the counties the opportunity to host an equal amount of PD workshops geared towards meeting the needs of the members.
All 80+ of these workshops will be available for all NJEA members, earning certificates and will be viewable at NJEA Learning or https://learning.njea.org now and in the coming weeks. You must register online in advance with your NJEA pin. Click Registration Link. If you have to cancel, you must do so online as well.
MCCEA is sponsoring:
October 13  – Special Education for ESP    4:30-5:30 PM
ESPs are key members of the school team supporting students with disabilities. This session will provide support professionals with an overview of current special education rules and issues. Topics will include: laws and regulations, the impact of E.S.S.A.’15; student discipline; dyslexia; autism; confidentiality; professional development and more. Locate the workshop on NJEA Learning  or  learning.njea.org .
October 14  – Roundtable – Social Emotional Learning in the Remote Environment    4:30-5:30 PM
Social Emotional Learning – The virtual roundtable approach is designed to meet the demands of the evolving educational landscape driven by the COVID-19 outbreak. These are opportunities for members to share their personal learnings, unpack experiences with each other, and build and share new approaches. The roundtables are our way of recognizing that there are no “pandemic teaching experts” and that we need to learn our way through it together. Locate on the web, NJEA Learning  or  learning.njea.org  .
On the NJEA Learning website, the PD Division will be hosting additional learning opportunities facilitated by our County Teachers of the Year, our Teacher Leader Academy participants, the REAL movement, and events facilitated by other divisions. In addition, the PD division will curate and promote high-quality workshops offered by third-party providers such as the National Education Association and the Rutgers Graduate School of Education. Throughout this time, the NJEA PD and MCCEA IPD committees will evaluate our direction for the Winter-Spring 2021 Professional Development platform. 
We look forward to the day that we can resume in-person professional learning, but at this moment we hope to capture the opportunity of meeting with our peers statewide. In December, join MCCEA in our upcoming two IPD workshops. I hope to see you at NJEA Learning!
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